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  • ブース番号:B1-2

    展示商の名称:電子タバコ専門店 ソルト
    大阪府高槻市にある電子タバコ・VAPEの専門店 ソルト Instagram : vape.salt / Twitter : @vape_salt / URL : www.shop-salt.jp

  • ブース番号:B2-3

    展示商の名称:BTK CO,.LTD
    化粧品や健康食品を中心に貿易、免税店等を大阪心 斎橋で運営”美と健康“の頭文字を取り、株式会社BTK と命名しました。我が社は美容と健康を追求し優秀な...

  • ブース番号:D2

    Innokin technology is a premier electronic cigarette manufacturer. As a leading electronic cigarette manufacturer, Innokin Technology sets its mission...

  • ブース番号:B5-2-3

    展示商の名称:VOLCANO eCigs
    VOLCANO eCigs is Hawaii's most popular electronic cigarette company. We ship eliquid with nicotine directly to Japanese residence from Hawaii.

  • ブース番号:B6-3

    展示商の名称:SIMEIYUE TECH. CO.
    深セン思美悦科学技術株式会社は研究開発、及び生産 するハイテクの技術会社で、健康電子たばこ、電子葉 巻などの販売とサービスをする。弊社は2009年に設立...

  • ブース番号:B6-4

    展示商の名称:ADVKEN Technology Co.
    Advken offers a wide range of high quality vapor products as well as customized solutions. With leading R&D team in this sector, Advken...

  • ブース番号:C5-1

    Founded in 2005, XTAR has been specializing in the development and manufacture of high quality Li-ion batteries, smart chargers...

  • ブース番号:A5-4-B5-1

    Hangsen is the world’s leading manufacturer of e-liquid and vaping device since 2009. We offer ODM products, services and solutions including but not limited to...

  • ブース番号:C5-3

    展示商の名称:MK CAMP
    We from korea, MK CAMP is specialized in electronic cigarettes, liquid & mechanical company.We currently have 250 Korean accounts and we have Chinese...

  • ブース番号:C5-5

    Geekvape is manufacturer of rebuildable atomizers (RTA, RDA, RDTA). Aegis, Ammit Series, Zeus...are our hot selling products.

  • ブース番号:C6-2+C6-3

    展示商の名称:OVO Manufacturing
    OVO Manufacturing & Distribution is an E-liquid company based out of San Francisco, CA. We only use the finest US sourced ingredients to provide an extremely high...

  • ブース番号:D4

    深セン葆威道科学技術有限会社は電子タバコの開発 生産、販売を専門とするプロフェッショナルかつハ イテクなメーカーです。2006年成立以来、研究開発...

  • ブース番号:D5-1


  • ブース番号:D6-2

    VOTECH is headquartered in Riverside California, USA with our own R&D department and in-house ISO certified laboratory.We proudly design and develop...

  • ブース番号:E2

    展示商の名称:M O X
    Founded in 2013 with a registered capital of USD20 millions and the acquisition the brand “Sailebao”,an old-time brand engaged...

  • ブース番号:F2-4

    展示商の名称:Shenzhen Wotofo
    Founded in 2012. Wotofo team is a family who love vaping from the bottom of our hearts, we knowexactly what vapers want.

  • ブース番号:F3-1

    Vapesoul is an innovation factory in vaping industry and strives to provide customers with the best technology ad top quality to ensure the most...

  • ブース番号:F3-2

    展示商の名称:Youde / UD
    UD was founded in 2011, we focused on the development and brand building of e-cigarette products.

  • ブース番号:F4-2

    展示商の名称:DS Vaping
    The hottest and most trusted Premier China Distribution Companyspecializing in the electronic cigarette industry. It lies a talented sales team dedicated to bringing...

  • ブース番号:F6-1

    Juno is an electric flue-cured tobacco device with 650 mAh high-rate battery, that is designed to deliver flavors and nicotine,without burning.

  • ブース番号:F6-6

    展示商の名称:Vapor Talk
    Vapor Talk® is one of the first 3 E-cigarette retailers in the U.S.,the company was officially established in 2008 and launched under the name E-Smoke Talk...

  • ブース番号:G1-3

    今やブームともいえる電子タバコ。加熱式やVAPE式など大 手メーカー製品が話題を作る中、日本の老舗喫煙具メーカ ーSAROMEが満を持して参入。夏より発売する新リキッド...

  • ブース番号:G2-1

    Vzone e-Cig Group is a top branded electronic cigarette manufacturer in China focusing on high quality, technologically advanced vape devices, and innovative...

  • ブース番号:G2-4

    GreenSound High-tech Co.,Ltd is a professional electronic cigarette research, development,sales and service integrated manufacturer based in...

  • ブース番号:G5-2

    展示商の名称:mask king
    北京漫科斯威国际贸易有限公司,成立于2015年。 是一家集研发、生产、销售、服务为一体的专业 电子烟生产商及品牌营运商。公司秉承专注而多元...

  • ブース番号:H4-1+H4-2

    展示商の名称:Charlie's Chalk Dust
    Charlie's Chalk Dust is the finest vapor liquid crafted to perfection. Elegantly smooth blends of sweet and savory flavors, Charlie's personifies the simple things.

  • ブース番号:F4-1

    ELDA Ltd is a company that has been successfully operatingfor more than 30 years. We have been active in selling electronic cigarettes and...

  • ブース番号:B1-4

    日本製のVape用リキッド「FANTAZOO E-LIQUID」 「FANTAZOO BINDERS E-LIQUID」の正規販売店です。 FANTAZOO E-LIQUIDの小売、卸の他「東京」「神奈川」...

  • ブース番号:B2-4

    展示商の名称:LIT VAPOR
    より沢山の方にVAPE を知ってもらいたい、楽しんで もらいたい!というところから、初めての方でもお 酒やドリンクを飲みながらVAPEにふれていただき、VAPE...

  • ブース番号:B6-1

    最初から、低温で非燃焼式タバコでずっと独立研究 と生産に努力しています。ずっと「技術に生活の美 しさを創造するようにする」こういう観念を持っています。

  • ブース番号:C1-1

    Vapetalk is a company that only develop heat not burn cigarette device. We also have a factory Justfog dongguan company limited.We have our...

  • ブース番号:C4

    Backed by the tramendous innovation competences it masters, NITECORE has long been on top of the hierarchy in the battery charger market since 2007.

  • ブース番号:D6-3

    新しさを追求し続ける"gippro"の日本法人です。ニコチン 愛好家からVAPE 愛好家のみならず、健康志向の電子タバコ 開発を手掛け、日本から世界へ向けて安全安心な製品...

  • ブース番号:E4

    We are clicker. "click" with you.CLICK N VAPE.    

  • ブース番号:F1-1

    Beijing Dongyuan Trade Co., Ltd. is FLashwicks general agent of the Asia Pacific region.2017startingto develop own products brands 9cloud and VITAVP

  • ブース番号:F1-6

    展示商の名称:Langfang Enbery
    The first professional E-liquid filling factory in China. We have high Production Condition, consistent Quality Assurance,strong Supply Chain Management...

  • ブース番号:F2-3

    apocalypse is USA’s first brick and mortar vape store - this means is we were the first dedicated store to apocalypse VAPE, ecigarettes, and....

  • ブース番号:F2-5

    Leyikan Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional R&D and sale enterprise of E-cigarette, which it have a highly qualifiedwhole technology research & excellent sale...

  • ブース番号:F3-1

    Vapesoul is an innovation factory in vaping industry and strives to provide customers with the best technology ad top quality to ensure the most...

  • ブース番号:F4

    展示商の名称:Y&Q Electronic Co.
    Founded in 2006 with its location in Shenzhen . Shenzhen Y&Q Electronic Co., Ltd is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturer with its...

  • ブース番号:F5-1

    TRIOOTECH Group Co., Ltd, a high-tech company in consumer electronics with HQ located in Shenzhen, China, we have been specializing in FMCG(fast...

  • ブース番号:F6-4

    U-GREEN is a manufacturing expert for superior quality healthy e-liquid. we have well-equipped GMP standard plant, with over 3,500 square meters clean plant more...

  • ブース番号:F7-1-2

    Eliquid France was born in 2013. Our range of eliquides are original, and attract the largest number of Vapotors around the world. Our logo...

  • ブース番号:G1-2

    展示商の名称:G K
    GK株式会社は2006年に創立されてからフォンケ ースや保護カバーの設計、作りなどを主な業務として 活動を展開してきましたが近年電子煙草の現れに伴って...

  • ブース番号:G1-4

    株式会社ヒロコーポレーションでは、家電・雑貨など 多種多様な商品群を取り扱っております。その他にもお 客様のPB商品などの企画開発もおまかせください。

  • ブース番号:G2-2

    展示商の名称:SKE Technology Co.
    Shenzhen SKE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, the SKE brand has been famous in domestic and abroad. in 2015,we create its new "Sikary" brand.

  • ブース番号:G3

    VOTECH is headquartered in Riverside California, USA with our own R&D department

  • ブース番号:G5-1

    Shenzhen Kingzone Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, is a hi-tech company engaged in electronic cigarette design, development, production, sales and...

  • ブース番号:G5-3

    南友公司旗下的TOYORED介绍网站:www.toyo.red 企业定位:TOYORED品牌是中国领先的电子烟制造商。 研发:生产、销售及售后服务于一体的烤烟型电子烟专业公司。

  • ブース番号:F2-1

    Loltree is a new company established in 2017. 20 sales team and 10 R&D engineers that work on electronic cigarette and vaporizer for 10 years...

  • ブース番号:F2-6

    展示商の名称:Shenzhen Yanshuo
    Shenzhen Yanshuo Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative and trendy high-tech company based in Shenzhen ,which is professional in e-cigarettes...

  • ブース番号:F6-5

    展示商の名称:Shenzhen Wolkang
    Shenzhen Wolkang Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company which is specializes in researching and developing, producing and selling of various...

  • ブース番号:C6-5+C6-6

    展示商の名称:Shenzhen Fst Technology
    Efest, a joint-venture company invested by DCB group and the technology team, focuses on the lithium battery industrial chain of manufacturing and...

  • ブース番号:F1-5

    HILIQは中国上海にある電子タバコリキッド生産 メーカーです。